I am an Undergraduate Student who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and embraces the Vegan lifestyle. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a Chronic Neurological Condition that I hope and pray there will be a cure to one day. Until then I live my life to the fullest, embrassing the life the Good Lord has given me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Health?

As stated in my Monday / Wednesday 1:00 Nursing Anatomy and Physiology class, What is Health? While the person who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Fibromyalga may have a dysfunction of their nervous system aren't they considered healthy? No one can exactly define health. A person may have several disorders or syndromes and live out their lives without many real complications.

With a person with RSD I do consider myself healthy. I have had to have medical intervention to help control my pain and still continue to take medication. I am at the weight my height is suppose to be at, I eat tons of veggies and fruits making sure I get sure I get what my body needs to stay afloat especially living in a dorm. Since I have gone complete vegetarian and I am trying to keep my stress level low I feel much more energetic and "healthy". My stomach does bother me a little but not as much as last semester, the less stress is helping.

I wanted to bring the topic up because I thought it was an interesting one. What do you think the definition of Health is?


  1. I think health is when the body is functioning as it should. Even if you have to take medications or special supplements to be at that homeostatic place of the body functioning properly, I think that constitutes health.

    I personally think RSD is a gray area. Someone could have it, but it's in remission or is not causing them significant problems... But someone could also have RSD and be unable to eat, sleep or walk.

    Oh, and while I'm here, I just want to say...
    I am so proud of you! You've come such a long way. I remember when you could barely walk or open your hand when we were room mates @ CC. I'm just so happy to see you so healthy.

  2. Thanks alot Bethany! Both of us were bad off then and happy to know that we are on the right track now. I never would have believed a couple years ago a vegetarian diet full of veggies and fruits would make me feels so great and leave my body craving more and more veggies. Thanks girl!

  3. You know, everyone's opinion of "healthy" is different depending on where they are on their personal journey with life.

    Personally, I do things with the letters of certain words that fit better in my mind, body, and spirit as a whole. So here is my opinion of the word "HEALTHY":

    H = Helpful
    E = Encouraging
    A = Amazing
    L = Lively
    T = Thankful
    H = Heartfelt
    Y = You (meaning myself)

    Thanks for asking this question....great one!!

    Coach Marla