I am an Undergraduate Student who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and embraces the Vegan lifestyle. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a Chronic Neurological Condition that I hope and pray there will be a cure to one day. Until then I live my life to the fullest, embrassing the life the Good Lord has given me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Warm Weather is Here

I am truely excited that the warm weather is here. For me it means a slight reduction in pain levels, hopefully. With the amount of rain and humidity that comes with spring I do start to flair a bit more than the other months. I cant deny that I rather have the warmer weather though.

I saw my Pain Management Dr today. I dont see my PM too often, maybe about every 3 to 4 months. Lately I have a an increase in pain and was going to switch over to the nucynta but it was simply too strong for my body to handle. We talked about other options. I am going to stick to my regular pain medication but I can add an extra pill or two of Ultram during the day as needed. I believe this is going to help significantly. My Dr also asked about my SCS. I love my SCS and think its one of the best decisions that Ive made regarding my health. It takes away the majority of my burring pain that I experience. According to my Dr it seems to do that and my pain medicine helps with the stabbing pain. He suggested that I get my SCS re-programed so that I have several options or programs to work with. Right now I have two programs; 1. Im up and walking, sitting, ect. 2. Laying down (spinal cord is compressed).

We also talked about how my stomach has still been giving me trouble six months after the first symptoms started. It was suggested that I start writing a food journal or diary and keep track the foods that cause me a problem. I told him about my switch to veganism and how when I did do milk products I would get sick so I stopped. Also how veggies help me from getting sick, Im guessing because they are high fiber foods. I am going to do the food journal though starting tomorrow and see if I can actually pinpoint what is making me sick or if I actually do have RSD in my stomach like I think I do. The thing is though most people with RSD in their stomach cant absorb foods and vomit them up, I think the RSD is just affecting my pyloric sphincter (the part of the stomach that lets the food pass from stomach to intestines). In the meantime I am still on the Levsin before I eat which helps but is a pain to remember to take before hand and takes forever to dissolve in my mouth.

Ive been hurting a bit more lately due to the rain and moisture in the air. Im not sure if its a good thing when your able to predict when its going to rain just by your pain levels going up.

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  1. People with autoimmune conditions usually have a difficult time with gluten. I would eliminate gluten from your diet (do a google search). Also, try food combining. These are BIG helpers that the general public doesn't recognize. It may really help! It "fixed" me.