I am an Undergraduate Student who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and embraces the Vegan lifestyle. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a Chronic Neurological Condition that I hope and pray there will be a cure to one day. Until then I live my life to the fullest, embrassing the life the Good Lord has given me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let the Healing Start

It is now my turn to a natural way of healing as a way to help my body heal. My Primary Dr left me voice mail today and confirmed that massage therapy would be a good way to get rid of this persist ant headache. She also recommended acupuncture but at this time I am going to just go with the message due to the fact that my skin is extremely hypersensitive from my RSD. I do understand where she is coming from with recommending it I am just not sure I am ready to try it. I have my first message therapy appointment on Friday. I am looking forward to this appointment and Im very optimistic that this will help not only my headache but my RSD as well.

Through this all I have been able to keep up with my school work. I am extremely thankful that I have friends that understand that sometimes I just dont feel well and that sometimes I need to lock myself in my room to study because of my major. I just ask for everyones prayers that this headache goes away as mysteriously as it started.

Lets Start The Healing!


  1. Massage would be so good for you!
    Have you ever had acupuncture before? The "needles" they use are thinner than craft wire, and (in non-hyper senstive skin), you can't even feel them when they put them in. Some acupuncturists use lasers instead of needles for people who can not use the needles (tremors, hypersensitivity, hyperactiveness, etc.). I've also heard of acupuncturists using E-stim over certain points. If it's something you want to try, you could call a few and ask if they use alternatives to needles.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that Bethany! I will let my mom know and Ill have to look into it. My skin is just so hypersensitive that I know I wouldnt be able to take the needles.
    My I am very optimistic the massage will help with the headache and help the RSD too. I just need something to help.