I am an Undergraduate Student who has Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and embraces the Vegan lifestyle. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a Chronic Neurological Condition that I hope and pray there will be a cure to one day. Until then I live my life to the fullest, embrassing the life the Good Lord has given me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And Here Comes The Migrain...

I love the weekends, but what college student doesnt? On Friday I dont have classes so I usually spend the day catching up on homework. Saturday is pretty much the same, except I didnt have much to do this weekend except starting to read for the upcoming chapters in my classes.

My brother decided to have some people over for the Super Bowl and since I didnt have much to do I was going to meet my mom and some of my family out there. I had a slight headache before I took my shower and it just started getting worse after. I took two Motrin and took my migraine medicine. After awhile it became unbearable and I had to grab some ice and lay down. After forcing myself to sleep the migraine finally went down a little bit. I am hoping that by morning my migraine / headache will be gone.

I haven't gotten one of these horrible headaches in a long time and hope I don't experience one again for another long time. My Pain Management Dr's Nurse Practitioner think it may be allergy related but I don't see how it can be when I got it in the middle of winter and I know its not a stress headache. Its been busy this semester but has been going well so far. I also wonder if this has connection to RSD since migraines are neurological based too. I guess I will have to ask at my next Dr's appointment.

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